The 2016 West Indian Labor Day Parade

August 5, 2016 Brooklyn, NY – Another summer has come to an end and is marked by the ever-famous West Indian Labor Day Parade. Once again the parade was a wonderful experience bringing together people of all walks of life to celebrate New York’s rich and diverse Caribbean population.

This was the 46th Anniversary of the parade, and I am sure with many more to come. The parade is one of New York’s premier attractions, as the largest cultural festival hosted by the city.

I haven’t missed a year since I was about 15, years old, and able to go on my own. Every year since then I find myself fascinated with vibrant colors, music, food, and especially the beautiful masqueraders who put on such a wonderful show in their breath taking costumes.

The parade has something for everyone if your in to the food there is plenty to eat and lots of variety, if your in to the music you wont be disappointed, if your in to the sights there is plenty to see, and if your single and looking to mingle there are beautiful single people every where.

This years parade didn’t disappoint, the only thing is that you know once the parade is over so is the summer fun.

Check out some of the shots from this marvelous event.